Latino Roundtable

An-Upscale Business Network

A Prodution of Premier Latino Events, LLC

Latino Roundtable mission will be to build an up-scale business network and membership by reaching business & professionals from all industries and bring them together under one roof to achieve the most powerful business event between Latinos and non-Latinos business & professional groups. Everyone gets a seat at this table!

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Why Networking?

Business networking is the only way to launch your self from obscurity into someone who knows people and who is known by people. It is a way to gain knowledge that you otherwise may not have known, and it is a way to climb the social ladder as well as the professional one.  

Business networking is now known as the only way to connect your self to people in order to bring yourself to the top of the chain. The more influential people you can connect to, the more information you can gather, and the further you can take yourself. Networking will help you develop new leads to business, become part of a unique community of entrepreneurial professionals and develop lasting relationships with other professionals in related fields.

How to Network

Good grooming counts, so make sure you make a good impression. You only have one shot to make somebody notice and remember you, so you want to make it a good one.  

Don’t try to force yourself on somebody. You should listen to them first and ask questions before you start pushing your card on them. 

One of the best, and most overlooked, business networking ideas is to follow up directly after you meet somebody. Let them know that you appreciated them taking the time to talk to you.  

Sure, an e-mail can do that, but a simple hand-written note will show them that you care enough that you took the time to write them.  Following up reminds them of your meeting, making it more likely they’ll keep you in mind

What is a Business Network?    

Business Networking is a marketing method by which business opportunities are created through networks of like-minded business people.

Business are increasingly using business social network as a means of growing their circle of business contacts and promoting themselves.

The purpose of Latino Roundtable
is to bring together business owners, entrepreneurs, executives, corporations and professionals that would like to meet and develop business relations with these individuals and companies.

Networking, relationship building business owners and professionals, that's what you will find at our monthly events of 
Latino Roundtable!

We put you in front of professionals and business owners, all in one upscale environment. We provide you with personal attention and business exposure so that you can showcase your products and or services.

Come and see why Latino Roundtable
is the modern venue to a new era of business relations. This is not just a networking function, This is a business experience. Be ready to mingle and build business relations with influential professionals like you.

Why Networking?

Networking is the single-most powerful tool business development. As business owners, you are aware that you have two full time jobs. First, you must maintain the business that you have and keep existing clientele happy. Second, you must increase your market share by selling to new people. Networking provides you with the opportunity to work smarter, not harder. If you utilize the people in your networking group for the purpose of providing immediate quality solutions to problems that they have, you have tapped the power of networking.